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Help students to understand what different industries are about, and discover their path in life.

What you
can expect


Frequency of...

 2-4 times/year 

You will be...

  • Familiarising with content we designed based on industry knowledge.

  • Sharing your personal experience from work life.

  • Elaborating on skills relevant for industry, and industry trends.

  • Supporting our research to understand your industry/sector.

  • Receiving an honorarium fee for your participation.

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Some sneak peaks of our programmes and professionals in action!

Industries & Professionals

Our business session helps students appreciate the strategy and hustle that comes along with starting anf running businesses.

Xi Wei Yeo_Founder _ Living Theories.png

Xi Wei Yeo

Founder @

Living Theories

Suu Shin htet_Youth Development & Leadership Trainer, Entrepreneur.jpeg

Suu Shin Htet

Youth Development & Leadership Trainer, Entrepreneur

Miss Lou Peixin_Music Artiste and Entrepreneur .png

Miss Lou Peixin

Music Artiste and Entrepreneur

We get students to look beyond being an Artist to see how different skills, talents, and roles need to come togethter to help the Arts scene thrive.

Chew Shaw En_Performance Artist.jpeg

Chew Shaw En

Performance Artist

Sonia Kwek_Artist.jpeg

Sonia Kwek


Sarah Ho_Art & Tech .png

Sarah Ho

Art & Tech

We get students to look beyond the surface of Law that they witness from TV shows and dramas, as they analyze cases and form legitimate arguments.

Scarlett Lim_Legal Counsel _ SPC.png

Scarlett Lim

Legal Counsel


Dynyse Loh_Lawyer.png

Dynyse Loh


James Chan_Legal Counsel _ Wing Tai.jpeg

James Chan

Legal Counsel

@ Wing Tai

Beyond just making money, we get students to see how finance is all about effective allocation of resources, and even shed light on how finance can benefit society too.

Alvin Lin_Financial Planner _ Manulife.jpeg

Alvin Lin

Financial Planner

Lester Phuang_Financial Advisor & Educator.png

Lester Phuang

Financial Advisor

& Educator

Dominic Tng_Client Services Representative.png

Dominic Tng

Client Services Representative

Beyond just consuming media, we get students to also start being content creators as well by creating very short films and content.

Hong Hu_Co-Founder_Film Maker _ Studio 1914.png

Hong Hu

Co-Founder/Film Maker @ Studio 1914

Layla Wei_Advertising & Creative Media.jpeg

Layla Wei

Advertising &

Creative Media

Matthias Ho_Media_Journalism.png

Matthias Ho


With growing demand for quality early childhood education, more youths are keen on coming into this sector. Our session gets students to be exposed to what it's like to stand in front of a class to engage and excite people.


Rong Xin

Co-Founder @

Explorer Junior

Titus Ting_Director_Tiny Mountains.png

Titus Ting

Director @ Tiny Mountains


Shirley Tan

Kindergaten Principal

Most students have no understanding of what engineering is. We use this chance to let students solve a technical challenge, so that they better understand that engineering is really about problem-solving.

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-05 at 6.54.03 PM.jpeg

Lih Wei

Chief Technology Officer @ TinyMos

Adnan Jalaludin_Electrical Engineer .png

Adnan Jalaludin

Electrical Engineer

Sean Tan_Mechanical Engineer .jpeg

Sean Tan

Mechanical Engineer

Most students understand design as Graphic Design only. Our industry partners help to let students see that design is really about creating effective solutions for humans.

Lim Min Li_UX Design.png

Lim Min Li

UX Design

Raziff Lau_Senior Inventor_Designer.png

Raziff Lau

Senior Inventor/Designer

Gia Phua_UX Designer.png

Gia Phua

UX Designer

Healthcare is an important but also very challenging career. We help students realise that this work requires a sharp mind and resilient heart, as they get exposed to the variety of roles in this sector.

Aisyah_Senior Staff Nurse.jpeg


Senior Staff Nurse

Dr Chua Hoe Wei_Doctor.png

Dr Chua Hoe Wei


Kathryn Harsono_Locum Pharmacist.png

Kathryn Harsono

Locum Pharmacist

Travel & Hospitality is all about helping people have a good time. Whether it's working in airlines, hotels, or attractions, a passion to serve customers is key.

Brandon Chu_Hotel Manager _ Regent Hotel.png

Brandon Chu

Hotel Manager

Jeslin Wee_Hospitality Lecturer.png

Jeslin Wee

Hospitality Lecturer

Stella Tan_Front Office Manager _ Regent Hotel.jpeg

Stella Tan

Front Office Manager

With humans as a core element of every facet of life, understanding people becomes an important endeavour. We help students see the many ways that we can have a career in learning about and supporting human beings.

Shila Naidu_Psychotherapist and Counsellor _ Safe Space and Healing Mind Haven.jpeg

Shila Nadu

Psychotherapist and Counsellor @ Safe Space and Healing Mind Haven

Amos Law_Deputy Manager, Leadership and Talent Development _PSA.png

Amos Law

Deputy Manager, Leadership and Talent Development @PSA

Sophia Goh_Counsellor & Psychotherapist.jpeg

Sophia Goh

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Students love games, but few have the experience of designing one themselves. We help student get that experience and see how interesting it can be to design games.

Shahrul Nizam_Senior UIUX Game Designer of-.png

Shahrul Nizam

Senior UI/UX

Game Designer

Reiann Goh_Game Development .png

Reiann Goh

Game Development

Jovi Kartolo_Game Designer .png

Jovi Kartolo

Game Designer

Technology is a major driver of our world today with its numerous productive applications. We help students appreciate the importance it plays in our world and how they can be a part of it too.


Melvin Zhang

Research Engineer

Joel Tong_Software Engineer.jpeg

Joel Tong

Software Engineer

Stacy Goh_Software Developer.png

Stacey Goh

Software Developer

Are you working in these industries?

Patient with Healthcare Nurse




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