Making the world better, one educational experience at a time.

We believe that people become the best versions of themselves when they fall in love with learning.


Our job is to nurture individuals to be able to direct their own learning and achieve their aspirations. To create a learning community that can thrive even without exams and grades.

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The Things We Believe In

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Be a useful change to your community


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Be original and stay genuine

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Be bold and daring, take that first step

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Think and act using knowledge, experience and insight


The Things We Are Great At

Experiential Learning

Gain invaluable experience by engaging with a 'just do it' mindset. The programmes we offer reflect this philosophy by being focused on practical application.


Our programmes are designed in close consultation with industry professionals to be realistic and relevant, stayng in tune with the latest trends and developments.

Personal Development

Discover and hone your potential through constant and relentless learning. Watch yourself become a better individual over time! 


The People Driving Praxium

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Louis Puah


Louis champions innovation and change in the way we educate youth. He constantly picks up new skills and knowledge across areas of technology, business, design, and other fields in order to coach and direct students with big dreams.

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Programs & Operations

Nabilah works closely with students to create the maps that point them towards their goals. She enables students to navigate the foreign terrain of developing in soft-skills and self. With the ability to carry out important but difficult conversations our youth have in today’s society, she traces the necessary routes for students, accompanying them with the right curriculum to fulfil their aspirations.

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Partnerships & Training

Ervin supports in the facilitation and training aspects with Praxium, liaising with partners to run live school workshops and programmes. Ervin is a certified ACLP trainer and certified coach under the International Coaching Federation. He enjoys tabletop games and reading up gamification concepts.