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Career Mentorship

Our Career Mentorship Programme connects students with professionals, based on their industry of interest. Students

will be mentored to develop themselves personally and professionally.

About Career Mentorship Programme

Students often lack information and only see stereotypes about various occupations. This prevents them from making informed choices about their future.

Our mentorship programme helps students to sharpen the understanding of who they are and receive guidance from a mentor who has walked the path they hope to embark on.

Our Career Mentorship Programme achieves the following for students: 

Connect students with industry professionals to receive guidance and support in order to understand the world of work.

Develop better clarity in making career decisions based on their interests, goals and life circumstances.

Develop a clear perception of their personality, including strengths, opportunities for growth, values and beliefs.

These learning outcomes are achieved through the engagement of experienced full-time working professionals who are passionate about mentoring youth along with carefully composed conversational prompts and hands-on experiential activities for the students.

 Programme Format

The mentoring programme will focus on 2 pillars:

1. Personal Development

Mentees will be exposed to practical personal development concepts through personal reflection and introspection to develop self awareness, identify strengths and talents and explore interests

2. Career/Industry Insights

Mentees will be able to gain a nuanced understanding about an industry of interest.



Weekly sessions spread over 5 weeks, leading up to mentorship showcase on the last day.

Group coaching of 2 mentors to 6 mentees to maximise learning and exposure.

Mentoring sessions will be held online or at a physical space of preferred choice such as cafe, co-working spaces etc. 




Below shows an overview of the career mentorship sessions in 5 sessions.




Career/Industry Insights


Personal Development


Career/Industry Insights


Personal Development

Stories of Our Professionals

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-05 at 6.54.03 PM.jpeg

Li Wei Chia

 Chief Technology Officer 

Lih Wei is the Chief Technology Officer at TinyMos, a startup that builds pocket-sized astronomy cameras. He loves tinkering and working with electronics and technology ever since he was a young student and attributes that experience to his current success and skill at work.

Testimonial for Mentorship

“We need to find a middle ground among our strengths, interests,

and what society needs.”

- Mentee

“The opportunity to share information and experiences, and learn from each other”

- Mentor

“That the mentors weren’t rigid we could talk about anything which helps us to bond”

- Mentee

“It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with youths in a deep and meaningful manner.”

- Mentor

“My biggest takeaway is that all of us possess something that we are able to offer to the betterment of our future workplaces and vocations.”

- Mentee

“I think it's important to expose youths at that age to mentorship, and no one else does that.”

- Mentor

  • I am interested to explore an industry that is not on your curriculum. Will you be able to offer this industry to my school?
    Drop us an enquiry on this, and we will find a way to match your interest to an existing industry we have. Alternatively, if the need is clear, we may tailor a new industry offering just for you.
  • Is it possible to run the programme with industries spread out across few weeks, instead of all in one day?"
    Yes that definitely can be arranged. Drop us an enquiry on this!
  • When can this programme be run in my school?
    We can match our programme to your ECG calendar and plans. Reach out to us at least one month in advance of your planned programme date so that we can secure the time of the professionals we will bring to your school. Giving early notice allows us to better tailor our programme to meet your needs.
  • Who is this programme for?
    This programme is suitable for students from Secondary School.

Thank you for indicating your interest in our programmes!

Our team will get back to you soon.

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