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Our signature career exploration programme that helps students learn about various career pathways.

Experts from the industry lead students through hands-on activities that simulate real work experiences to spark a potential passion.


About Pathways

The design of each industry experience in Pathways is backed by weeks of interviews, job shadowing, and research in order to distill the essence of each industry.

This allows us to extract key, age-appropriate learning outcomes in each sector so that students gain insight and wisdom that can’t be found online.

Our Pathways achieves the following for students: 

Learn about various roles, job scopes and responsibilities. 

Recognize soft skills required to succeed in the career. 

Understand the correlation between academics and choice

of career.

These learning outcomes are achieved through the engagement of experienced full-time working professionals who are passionate about empowering the younger generation along with carefully designed hands-on experiential activities for the students.

Stories of Our Professionals


Amos Law

 Deputy Manager, Leadership and Talent Development 

Amos has broad exposure to the different applications

of psychology, including in clinical and forensic settings, higher education, career guidance and counselling, and developing human capital.He enjoys sharing about, and discussing topics relating to psychology.

Importance of
Finding Your 


what get you started


ways to work towards your passion


what keeps you going

Our passion fuels us towards achieving our goals.


When we figure out what we are interested in or love to do, we need to map out pathways that will improve ourselves in doing the work we love.

Youths should discover and explore their interests and pathways now. Gets them involved in their interest areas so that they can turn them into their passions and work in the future.

Schools can choose up to 14 industries.

Course Curriculum



Experimenting with Mediums


Business Venture Creation

swot-analysis (1).png


Developing a Case for Client

balance (1).png


Finance Role Play



Media Creation Exercise


 Early Childhood   Care & Education 

Early Childhood Simulation



Modelling & Sketchup


Hardware Prototyping Exercise



Developing Prototyping Exercise



Patient Care Role Play


 Travel & Hospitality 

Conflict Resolution & Service



Counselling Role Play


 Game Design 

Board Game Prototyping


UI/UX Design

 Information   Technology 


Want more information about how each session is run?

Download our infosheet, which contains details like session duration, format, and key insights of each industry.

Testimonial for Pathways

I think it's quite eye-opening and it helps with knowing what to do in such careers. It is engaging, educational and also relevant. 

Nur Adawiyah, 15

Ju Ying Secondary School

I was expecting a boring lecture but it turned out to be more exciting. I enjoyed the moot court simulation and learnt how a court trial works.

Grace Yeh, 17

Eunoia Junior College

I think it's much better than just giving talks. It's different from what I had expected; I thought it's just a talk, but turned out there's activities for us to learn more about the careers.

Kimberly, 15

St Anthony Canossian

Secondary School

  • I am interested to explore an industry that is not on your curriculum. Will you be able to offer this industry to my school?
    Drop us an enquiry on this, and we will find a way to match your interest to an existing industry we have. Alternatively, if the need is clear, we may tailor a new industry offering just for you.
  • Is it possible to run the programme with industries spread out across few weeks, instead of all in one day?"
    Yes that definitely can be arranged. Drop us an enquiry on this!
  • When can this programme be run in my school?
    We can match our programme to your ECG calendar and plans. Reach out to us at least one month in advance of your planned programme date so that we can secure the time of the professionals we will bring to your school. Giving early notice allows us to better tailor our programme to meet your needs.
  • Who is this programme for?
    This programme is suitable for students from Secondary School.
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Sign up for your students!

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