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Through our career exploration workshops, students learn about various careers by participating in hands-on activities that simulate work experiences, led by a professional in that industry.

Through the career exploration workshop students will be able to:

Key Features

Gain basic information on the profession such as the roles, job scope, and responsibilities.

Recognize soft skills required to succeed in the profession.

Understand the correlation between academics and choice of career.

These learning outcomes are achieved through the engagement of experienced full-time working professionals who are passionate about empowering the younger generation along with carefully designed hands-on experiential activities for the students.

If you are interested in running Pathways in your school/organisation, please do drop us an email and one of our team members will be in touch!


Stories from Students

Kimberly, 15

(St. Anthony Canossian Secondary School) 

"I think it's much better than just giving talks. It's different from what I had expected; I thought it's just a talk, but turned out there are activities for us to learn more about the careers.

Yayasan Mendaki's Mentoring @MTS

"Praxium managed to effectively plan and deliver developmental programmes for Sec 1 & 2 MENDAKI Tuition Scheme (MTS) students that were tailored to our requirements.

The social enterprise had creatively engaged and inspired students through experiential activities to deepen their learning as well as provide more clarity about the various industries. Well done!"


Nur Adawiyah, 15

(Ju Ying Secondary School) 

"I think it's quite eye-opening and it helps with knowing what to do in such careers. It is engaging, educational and also relevant."

Grace Yeh, 17

(Eunoia Junior College) 

"I was expecting a boring lecture but it turned out to be more exciting. I enjoyed the moot court simulation and learnt how a court trial works."


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