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Course Curriculum

More than 15 industries for students to choose from. 

Arts & Design 

Experiment with Mediums: Experimenting with 3D printing and AR technology to create modern art.


Design Prototyping Exercise: Prototyping and designing a product using design principles and empathy.


Hardware Prototyping Exercise: Analysing human needs to prototype a technological product.

Game Design 

Board Game Prototyping: Designing a simple board game using game mechanics and principles.


Conflict Resolution & Service: Managing passenger requests and difficult situations on a simulated flight.


Developing a Case for Client: Running through a real legal case like a lawyer would and developing a case for one of the available clients.


Counselling Role-play: Practice having deep conversations in a simulated counselling session.

Business & Entrepreneurship

Business Venture Creation: Using a business framework to develop a quick business plan for pitching to investors.

Early Childhood Care & Education

Early Childhood Simulation: Simulating early childhood teaching and the planning, executional skills required for it.


Finance Role-play: Basic analysis of financial and income statements to develop investment plans, and sell possible plans to various customer profiles.


Patient Care Role-play: Diagnose patient conditions and apply the relevant treatment.

Information Technology 

UI/UX Design: Heuristic evaluation of an app to encourage thinking about user needs and basic design principles.


Media Creation Exercise: Developing a video commercial after conceptualizing and storyboarding.

Want more information about how each session is run?

Download our infosheet, which contains details like session duration, format, and key insights of each industry.


Good speaker who ask questions to provoke our thoughts

There is a very engaging hands-on segment. The session is very intriguing. The things that are taught are very interesting.

It helped me to understand the not so traditional path of work and that changing, taking risks and starting again are okay things to do :)

Useful to my personal career choices, was interesting and engaging to interact with an industry professional

  • I am interested to explore an industry that is not on your curriculum. Will you be able to offer this industry to my school?
    Drop us an enquiry on this, and we will find a way to match your interest to an existing industry we have. Alternatively, if the need is clear, we may tailor a new industry offering just for you.
  • Is it possible to run the programme with industries spread out across few weeks, instead of all in one day?"
    Yes that definitely can be arranged. Drop us an enquiry on this!
  • When can this programme be run in my school?
    We can match our programme to your ECG calendar and plans. Reach out to us at least one month in advance of your planned programme date so that we can secure the time of the professionals we will bring to your school. Giving early notice allows us to better tailor our programme to meet your needs.
  • Who is this programme for?
    This programme is suitable for students from Secondary School.

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