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Pick up in-demand skills by learning about top consultancy frameworks from fields of UX Design, Technology, and Business. Network with

like-minded professionals from various industries.

Key Features

Learn key frameworks from domains that are leading growth

Delivered by experienced practitioners.

Short modular structure is accessible and adaptable to your context.

Applications are now open!

Pay it Forward. Learn for Good.

Schooling youth with no income can't join our programmes even if they want to because they are urged to go for tuition instead. Just like you were when you were young, even though there were more meaningful things to learn.

Joining Vantage means a child gets to learn future-ready skills.

We take all earnings from Vantage to fund programmes for youth. They will get to learn the same things you learn, but tailored to fit their interests and context.

Take a look at the piece of comic inspired by Vantage below


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The programme is split into 3 distinct modules - UX Design, Tech, and Business. They are led by seasoned practitioners in each of these fields, providing you with direct coaching and advise on applying the content to your work situations.


Why these 3 modules?

UX Design, Tech and Business skills are essential in innovative work that drives change. Due to the synergy they will bring to any teams in any industry, these skillsets are therefore high in demand, and yet low in supply. You can fill the gap in the workforce by building these skills to give you a vantage in your career.

Each module also consists of 1 session on soft skills to improve your personal competencies and empower you to achieve greater outcomes, whether it be working with colleagues or pursuing your own business venture. 

Do I have to sign up for all 3 modules?

You may sign up for any of the modules that you feel are suitable for you. While the modules are designed to complement each other, none of them are prerequisites for another module.

Who is this programme for?

Whether you are looking to make a mid career switch, start your own business or diversify your skillsets at work, the experience gained through these modules can be applied in any scenario. 

This programme will be useful to you if you want to create a niche for yourself in your current organisation or seeking a new career. Feel free to contact us if you want to find out more about how this programme can help you. 



UX Design Module:

Session 1:  21 June (Mon)

Session 2:  22 June (Tue)

Session 3:  26 June (Sat)

Tech Module:

Session 1:  28 June (Mon)

Session 2:  29 June (Tue)

Session 3:   3 July (Sat)

Business Module:

Session 1:  5 July (Mon)

Session 2:  6 July (Tue)

Session 3:  10 July (Sat)

Weekday sessions will be from 8pm to 9.30pm.

Weekend sessions will be from 10am to 12pm.

All sessions will be held online

via Zoom.

Course Fees

1 module:

2 modules:

3 modules:

Trial run:

(1st session of UX only)





Course Details

Module 1: UX Design
user personas 2.png

Session 1: Personas

Understand what drives your stakeholders, such as customers, colleagues, and supervisors in order to help them achieve their goals.

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Session 2: User Journey Maps

Chart out the experience of your stakeholders so that you can find solutions to the problems with the greatest positive gain.

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Session 3: Creative Thinking (Soft Skills)

This session will ensure you never get stuck with ideas, as you learn to tap on your hidden well of infinite creativity.

Module 2: Tech

Session 1: Frontend/Backend Primer

Understand how most digital technologies work and find opportunities in your work that can truly benefit from digital transformation.


Session 2: Web Dev with HTML/CSS

Get your hands dirty with the simplest type of coding, and see how technology-based skills are easy to pickup.


Session 3: Presentation Skills (Soft Skills)

Never freeze in presentations again. Learn to be a dynamic, engaging presenter that audiences will love.

Module 3: Business

Session 1: Role of a Founder

Leadership is a critical skill for career success. How do the best leaders lead? What exactly is the role that they play in order to maximise their impact?


Session 2: Basics of Making Money

The salary you earn is based on he money earned by your company, even if it is a non-profit. Maximising your income requires you to have an intimate knowledge of this.


Session 3: Networking & Self Awareness (Soft Skills)

Globally, 70% of people in 2016 got their jobs through their networks. Learn to be a master networker to constantly have opportunities at your fingertips.

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