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Praxium’s Mentorship Programme is designed with the intention to connect our youth to industry professionals in order to receive guidance, support and to gather a deep and nuanced understanding of work life.


The partnership between the mentor and mentees will also build a community of action-oriented youth with talent and who will support one another in their growth as individuals.

Praxium aims achieve the following for students as part of the Career Mentorship Programme.


Paired with a mentor from an industry of choice, the mentee would:

Key Features

Gain understanding about pathways of interest and how it can be shaped in the future by their action.

Receive real-time feedback about personal strengths, and areas of as well as resources to improve.


Gain opportunities and experiences through mentor-supported initiatives and projects.

Next intake: August 2021

Indicate your interest now and get notified when applications open! 


Weekly sessions spread over 5 weeks, leading up to a mentorship showcase

Obtain valuable career guidance from industry professionals


Gain insights of working life in respective industries

Conduct: Group Coaching of 2 mentors to 6 mentees to maximise learning and exposure

No prior background is required



Next intake:

Cycle 4: 8 May, 15 May, 22 May, 29 May

Mentorship Showcase: 8 June

Applications open: 22 March - 5 April

Mentoring sessions will be held online or at a physical space of your choice eg. cafe, co-working spaces, etc.


Stories from Students


Patricia, 22

(Singapore Management University) 

“I found it quite fulfilling as I had the opportunity to talk to industry professionals. Their insights were really helpful and knowing where to start to pursue my goals is such a huge step for me.”


Wei Bing, 18

(Institute of Technical Education) 

“The mentoring journey has been a smooth and engaging one for me. My mentors were really helpful in helping me to understand the law as an industry in Singapore and the different pathways I can take to get to my goals.”


Celine, 23

(National University of Singapore) 

“There was more of the focus on the values as compared to just looking at the field – some of the things my mentors asked us was ‘are we even interested in this field?’ and ‘where does our interest lie?’. It wasn’t just a downloading of information.”


Sarah, 21

(Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts) 

“I’m really grateful that that my mentor not only shared his experiences, but also find out more about ourselves and how we can improve as individuals.”


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