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Solutions for Schools
and Youths Alike. 

Whether you’re an educator, looking for a school programme or youth who’s seeking direction and guidance. We are here for you.


In helping students build a strong and clear plan for their future, there are phases that they must go through to create a stronger sense of self. This fundamentally forms the anchor for their education and career plans. 

  • Phase 1: Awareness of interests & world of work.

  • Phase 2: Awareness of self & capabilities.

  • Phase 3: Building experience & portfolio. 

ECG programme that exposes students to multiple career pathways, through experiential activities carefully designed to reflect authentic work experiences. 

  • Helmed by real, working professionals from various industries.

  • Designed to mirror industry work, based on thorough research.


  • Multitude of industries available to allow for maximum student choice.

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Connect with industry experts, understanding work-life and invaluable insights on various careers.

  • Designed to allow students to connect with industry experts.


  • Experts from up to 14 different industries for students to  link up with.


Project Headstart

Across 12 weeks / 24 weeks

Band together with other passionate and driven individuals to bring a project from idea to reality.


3 sessions per module

Equip yourself with key skills and strategies for any project you embark on.

Every Friday, 7pm to 10pm

Weekly online community event where we learn topics across diverse disciplines for each session.


Headstart Lite

3-day programme

Pick up in-demand skills, consult industry professionals, build your own project. All in 3 days.

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